Dec 19, 2014

Snow Ball Christmas Cookies and Online Cookie Exchange

For as long as we I can remember, my girls have always called these snowball cookies "Snow White Christmas Cookies."  The name evolved from the popular Disney movie at that time- "Show White,"  which all little girls loved.  Nowadays, all the little girls, including my granddaughter are into the current Disney movie "Frozen."

So, these buttery snowball cookies (aka Russian tea cookies)- the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth cookies- can become the new Christmas tradition in your house, honoring Elsa and company!

Dec 16, 2014

EASY Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas and Chocolate-Peppermint Mini Pretzels

Do you need an extra little gift to give someone, maybe a co-worker, or your child's teacher?  I know I always do.  Making homemade gifts with cookies, candies and even chocolate covered pretzels are so much fun.

Get crafty this holiday season with quick and simple gifts from your kitchen. These are easy as child's play, so you can enlist your kids to help!

Dec 12, 2014

Carrot and Spinach Dip

Creamy vegetable party dip is loaded with spinach, fresh carrots, red onions, sour cream, mayonnaise and a vegetable soup mix.  Six simple ingredients combined together makes this luscious and creamy dip that is not only delicious and addicting, but perfect every time. 

Dec 10, 2014

Seafood Salad Marinated for Christmas Eve !

Seafood salad, marinated days before prior to being served, has been our holiday tradition as the first course served on Christmas Eve for as long as we can remember.  Mom would spend days in the kitchen preparing her menu for Christmas Eve dinner, and every one couldn't wait to eat her seafood salad.

Here is a simpler version for you to make, made with a medley of two types of fish; squid (also known as calamari) and shrimps which are marinated with green olives, parsley, garlic and celery in a lemon vinaigrette.  Also commonly known as "Frutta di Mare."

Dec 9, 2014

Kale, Strawberry, Pineapple, Protein Smoothie

Refreshing, sweet and thirst quenching protein smoothie is how we can describe this fabulous green colored drink made with 6 ingredients, fresh kale, strawberries, pineapple, banana, protein powder and almond milk.

Packed with incredible nutrients, kale smoothies are extremely popular these days and are known as "super-foods."

I felt fatigue the other day, so my friend Nicole (who is a Doctor) recommended I make one of her favorite smoothies to help boost my immune system and energy, the green smoothie.

Her kale-protein smoothie is so simple and light, making it ideal for me to drink it for breakfast; so filling it held me over until lunch time.

Oh, and don't let the green color dissuade you, the taste is truly wonderful!  The kale is hidden in this smoothie and best of all, its packed with enough protein and nutrients including vitamins A, C and K to keep you going all morning.

Dec 7, 2014

Spiralized Zucchini and a New Twist on Pasta

My sister Liz is obsessed with her spiralizer, she even bought me one over Thanksgiving weekend while visiting and claims it only takes seconds to transform any vegetable like zucchini into beautiful ribbons or noodles that can be served as pasta. 

Dec 4, 2014

Hearty Vegetable and Rice Soup

Chilly weather is moving in and there's nothing better than having a bowl of soup to come home to.  The chunky vegetables provides a lot of flavor and fiber, keeping you feeling full longer. Great for lunch or dinner. This soup is similar to a classic minestrone soup, made with lots of vegetables, only we added in some healthy carbs too.

The soup is a simple one made with celery, carrots, sweet potato, tomato, green beans and corn. Then it's simmered for 20 minutes with some vegetable broth and cooked rice. Very EASY!

Dec 1, 2014

Sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Quinoa, Brown Rice and Wine

Brussel spouts are gently sautéed with quinoa, brown rice and spiced with turmeric, cayenne pepper and garlic powder, then smothered with white wine until all the flavors are infused together. There are three words that describes this dish- off the Hook!

After Thanksgiving, we are going back to cooking healthier dishes that are simple and satisfying like this one. You'll love this recipe.