London Broil Steak Grilled to Perfection!

Making dinner alfresco can be very enjoyable!  We love to cook, but when it comes to grilling steaks, only my husband does it best!  He has it down to a science (so he thinks).  When he grills, he gets it right - no matter the size of the steak.  He can grill a London Broil Beef Steak to perfection!

Here are some of his tips on how!

It's important that you allow the meat to warm up to room temperature, at least one hour before you cook it.  It is equally important to heat your grill until it's extremely hot.  The thickness the steak should be a good cut, about two inches thick.  The outside will be charred, but the inside will be very tender and juicy.
Serve a great steak with a simple tomato salad and some bread and its DIVINE! Pair with a deep red velvety Chianti Riserva, Monte Maria  for an exquisite dinner with family and friends. Enjoy!

London Broil Steak Grilled to Perfection
  • 2 pounds London Broil Steak
  • 4 Tbsp. of salted butter- divided
  • 1 Tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp. of black pepper or fresh cracked pepper
  • some salt
Heat grill for about 10 minutes.
Place the meat onto a dish , allow to warm up at room temperature.
Once the grill is extremely hot.
(should be 600 degrees on the BBQ Thermometer)
Lightly sprinkle both sides of the steak with salt.
Place the meat onto the grill.  Close the lid.

Cook for about 3 minutes,  then open the lid. 
Flip over the meat.  Leave the lid open. 
Add the garlic powder and black pepper generously.
Place 2 Tbsp. of butter on top of the meat to melt while cooking.
And cook for additional 3 minutes.

Flip over the meat again.
Sprinkle with garlic powder and black pepper again.
Add the other 2 Tbsp. of butter on top.
Cook  for 4 minutes more.
Total about 7 minutes on each side of the meat, for medium.

Remove the meat and allow to sit on a cutting board for a few minutes before serving. 
Then carve the meat on a slight angle.
Slice thinly and serve immediately.

Serves 6

                                      Allow the steak to warm up!

Grilled to Perfection! 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  This was previously posted in 7/18/2011.
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. It is definitely grilled perfectly and looks amazing!

  2. Great tips for grilling!

  3. It looks perfectly delicious. I didn't know about leaving it to room temperature. Thanks for sharing that tip.

  4. Joanne, you're welcome!

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