2 Sisters Recipes featured in: The Power of Positive Fitness by John M. Rowley

We are so excited and delighted that John M. Rowley has given us a write up in his new book called The Power of Positive Fitness.  Can you believe it?  We only started 6 months ago and he is so wonderful to include us in his new book. 

John is a full time author, an inspirational and motivated speaker about fitness and wellness. He inspires everyone to live their very best life!  A great book for everyone to grab and read.

We are so honored to be included in this book!  John has included 9 of our healthy recipes for you to enjoy to help live that healthy lifestyle. 

After reading this copy,  I must tell you that John is very realistic and gives a no-nonsense guide to start living a healthier lifestyle.  His book will be available at book stores and on amazon.com this month.

Words cannot express our gratitude! 

Thank you John!
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  1. That's so exciting!! Congrats to you wonderful girls!

  2. A friend of mine just told me that you put this up. Thanks so much. And thank you so much for contributing to my new book. You added a dimension that was missing and in fact a joy to me personally to have friends from the old neighborhood joining in.

    Thanks for all you do and I am rejoicing in your success!!

    Maybe we do a Power of Positive Fitness Recipes book together!!! Just a thought!!


  3. Would love that! Thanks John!

    Thank you Suzanne! You are so sweet!


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