How to Clean Artichokes?

Fresh artichokes are in season! Artichokes are the ultimate vegetable, loaded with antioxidants and fiber! Everyone in our family loves artichokes, no matter how our Mom makes them, stuffed, steamed, roasted or even sautéed. For years I had no idea how to clean artichokes until Mom showed me the way, and now we enjoy eating artichokes all the time.

Some favor the large ones which are great for stuffing. You can clean the large ones the same way, I only recommend that you wear latex gloves to protect your hands. The leaves on large artichokes can be harsh on your hands.

Our favorite ones are the baby artichokes. If you can find small baby artichokes, they are delicious, very tender and relatively easy to clean!  But first, here is how to clean them.

How to Clean Artichokes
  •  Fresh Baby Artichokes
  •  juice of 1/2 lemon
  •  salt

Grab a large bowl and fill with cold water and squeeze some lemon juice, about 1/2 lemon, into the water.

Trim each artichoke by snapping off and discarding the tough outer green leaves until you are left with a small bullet-shaped artichoke with pale yellow leaves that are green at the tips.

Cut off the green tips crosswise.  Peel the stems, and cut off the tip of the stem.
Cut the artichokes in half lengthwise and scoop out and discard any purple choke.

Drop the chokes into bowl with lemon water.  Add some salt to the water. The lemon juice and salt  will keep the chokes from turning brown while you are working to clean each one.

When all the chokes are completed. Rinse chokes under cold water 3 times, draining the water each time.  Now the artichokes are ready for you to cook!  Enjoy!

Here's a Tip:    When artichokes are in season you can buy them at a reasonable price. Bring them home, clean them as demonstrated, and spin excess water from the chokes or pat dry with paper towels.   Place cleaned chokes into containers or zip lock bags and freeze them for future cooking in days or weeks ahead.

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  1. I totally need tips on artichokes...last time I made them, it was a total disaster! Great post!

  2. Anonymous1:01:00 PM

    What a great post! I always pass on buying the artichokes because I has no idea what to do with them. I look forward to getting some recipes for them soon, thanks, Lisa

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! I can't wait to try those cute little artichokes!

    1. Thank you Tricia! Thanks for stopping by!


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