Baked Flounder Filet Oreganata - Lightened!

Flounder filet is a white fish, that has a soft, flaky moist texture that melts in your mouth with every bite when it's baked in a bath of wine and lemon juices.  Flounder Filet Oreganata is our moms recipe which we lightened up to reduce some of the fat and calories.

Growing up, seafood was always on the menu for Friday dinners during the summer months and really most of the year.  As a small child, I remember standing by the front door while Mom would go out and pick fresh fish from the back of a red pick-up truck which was filled with crushed ice. 

It was always on a Friday the fishmonger would drive by the neighborhood to sell seafood to everyone on the block from the back of his truck that was filled with ice and an assortment of the fresh fish.  Nowadays, food sales are more regulated so we drive to a local seafood market to buy our seafood.  Something's have changed, but one thing sure hasn't -  that we love seafood and its usually served on Fridays during the year in our home.

Baked flounder filet oreganata is so light, tasty and so delicious, you will be amazed how moist this fish turns out. We love this recipe and we hope you will too!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Baked Flounder Filet Oreganata -Lightened!

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
In a 9 x 6 baking dish, or a 9 x 13 baking dish, spray generously with cooking spray.
Lay the flounder filets into the dish.

Scatter all the dry seasonings, bread crumbs, grated cheese and minced garlic on top of each flounder. Add some sea salt and black pepper on top.

Drizzle each flounder with extra virgin olive oil.
Gently pour white wine and 1/2 of a lemon juiced around the fish, not directly on top. 

Save the other half of lemon juice to add in just before serving.
Bake uncovered, for 20 to 22 minutes.

Remove from oven. Pour the other half of lemon juice on top of the filets.  Allow the juices to absorb into the fish, and cool down for 2 minutes.  Then serve.

Serves 2 to 4

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  1. today is good Friday and I look for a great fish recipe for this holy season and I found one. Thank you

  2. Anonymous10:09:00 PM

    Made this dish tonight and it was quick and delicious! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! We are so happy you liked this one!

  3. This looks so good and I plan to try it when I find some nice flounder! I thought when I saw the title there would be oregano in the recipe :)

    I still buy shrimp from the back of a truck out of chests filled with ice! There is a company that flies it up to Wisconsin and sells it fresh. It's so good when cooked the very same day.

    1. Hi Susan! Yes you are right! but since our mom never really cared for oregano, she prefers not to use it in her recipes and rather use other herbs instead.
      But you can add a some oregano to this recipe and it will be more delicious! So please do!

      Omg.. you are so lucky that you get fresh fish in Wisconsin. I miss that here.

  4. Anonymous5:56:00 PM

    LOVE the sound of this recipe, so I am making it...However, after heating the oven to 400, where & when does the recipe say to cover & bake??? it says just before serving to lower the oven too 375 & bake uncovered for additional 20-22 minutes...WHAT am I missing??? Thanks so Much BJ Menta email: pjbjmenta@yahoo.com

  5. What is the best side dish to pair with this?

    1. Hi Jess! I sent you a reply with my phone, but just in case, we have so many options of side dishes that would work so well with this dish. I sometimes pair this flounder dish with our roasted butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes, it's not overpowering and adds a lot of color. Also, asparagus and even mashed potatoes would work very well. Try our search box in our side bar to find these recipes I mentioned.
      Thank you and enjoy!

  6. Sounds delish! Will try tonight...thanks for sharing ladies!


    1. Thank you Lauren, we hope you enjoy our recipe!

  7. Anonymous2:40:00 PM

    Looked for a new way to cook Dover sole that would not mess up the stove top. Found this recipe, made it without the bread crumbs and it was still wonderful. My wife and I polished off over a pound of delicious fish. Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. So glad to hear! Thank you for trying out recipe and leaving a lovely comment!

  8. Anonymous6:22:00 PM

    Oreganata without oregano???Never heard of such a thing.

  9. Hi A! We have to laugh everytime we get this question, because we always said the same thing to our mom who makes this without the oregano simple because she dislikes it on fish. But, you can certainly add the oregano with this recipe. This is our moms recipe and it's so delicious- we really don't miss it. We hope you try it both ways! Enjoy!


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