Halloween Party - BOO-NANZA!

This past Saturday, we attended a Halloween costume party that was SPOOK-TACULAR!  Full of GHOULISH COSTUMES, CHILLING BREWS, and BUBBLING dishes that had everyone HOWLING!

Hosted annually by our dear friends, Cesare and Christine Saponieri, as the RINGMASTER with his beautiful wife as his ASSISTANT, were at their best and the party was a MONSTER hit !!

The tables and mantles were dressed up and decorated so BOO-tifully!

And the . . . FOOD glorious FOOD!
  IT was so delicious it was difficult to choose WITCH dish was the CAT's meow!
Even CHILLING BREWS and POTIONS were served!
                           So many GHOULISH COSTUMES had us HOWLING!


Liz and Anna's Costumes....
And DESSERT .... need I say more!
                                       Dancing into the WITCHING hours!
                               So much fun! The party was FANG-TASTIC!!

                               Have a safe and wonderful Halloween today! 
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  1. Oh my gosh! That looks like an amazing party and I love your costumes - you two are gorgeous :) Food, food everywhere. What a wonderful friend/hostess!!!

  2. But I wasn't invited. I don't usually like Halloween parties, but that looks like so much fun!

  3. I loved this post, what a wonderful Halloween parties.


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