Skinny Chocolate-Mocha Mousse

There's always room for a little dessert!  Here is a super easy dessert that looks elegant when served in small cordial glasses!  And, when it's under 100 calories per glass, this becomes a guilt-free chocolate mocha flavored mousse you can't resist!

  We like to call these little luscious heavens our Skinny Chocolate-Mocha Mousse.
Why? Because you can still get into your skinny jeans after you have one!

You don't need a lot of ingredients nor a lot of time to make this mousse. The recipe only calls for 3 main ingredients, dark chocolate, coffee and eggs; and only 15 minutes to make.  Pretty amazing! We call it skinny mousse because each one is only 86 calories and 9 grams of fat!
Hello people!!... How great is that!!

OK. You could say, I have an obsession with making desserts that are super fast and easy, especially when entertaining for friends and family.  Chocolate mousse is always a favorite.  I served the mousse in these cute little cordial glasses that were the perfect size, and they were enough to satisfy one's sweet tooth.

When making the mousse it's always best to use a really good quality chocolate.  It makes a huge difference in taste.  And, because they're so little (and it's portion control - even better!) you really want to get the most in flavor and texture.

A chocolate mousse that is just enough to satisfy one's craving, and it's low in calories. Ideally, this is a win win!  Best of all, you can keep those jeans.  Enjoy!

Skinny Chocolate-Mocha Mousse
  • 3.5 ounces of dark bittersweet chocolate - (I used Lindt Swiss Bittersweet)
  • 2  large eggs - separated
  • 1 ounce shot of espresso - cooled at room temperature
  • 1/2 tsp. sugar
  • 4 strawberries, for garnish

Using a double boiler, in a small pot, melt the chocolate on stove top, and remove from the stove. Then whisk in the espresso.  Set aside to cool slightly.

In a small mixing bowl, using a handheld mixer, beat egg whites and gradually add the sugar until stiff peaks form.

Then beat in the egg yolks into the chocolate mixture.  Using a spatula, gently fold in the egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture until well combined.

Gently divide the mousse into 4-ounce small ramekins or 4-ounce cordial glasses.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

                                                 Use good quality chocolate!

                                           2 large eggs and one shot of espresso!

Fold in the egg whites into the chocolate mixture.
Then pour into four cordial glasses or espresso cups!

Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight is best.
Garnish with a fresh strawberry on top and serve!

Serves 4

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  1. Oh this looks divine! Decadent and rich and divine!

  2. These are so gorgeous! You definitely caught my eye with the skinny!Have a nice weekend!

  3. How did you know Lindt Bittersweet is my favorite chocolate? And you use it to make a dessert? Genius. I have to try this. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Great blog.

  4. Ha! Well, I do like my skinny jeans...and my chocolate. This mousse looks so decadent!

  5. I can't imgaine how anything could look better! Great post, once again, Anna and Liz!

  6. I like it when skinny and chocolate are in the same sentence. They look so pretty in the beautiful glasses.


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