Frozen Grasshopper

Frozen Grasshopper ~ is a delicious minty milkshake, this one is spiked with a green mint flavored liqueur.  Every year we try to make a special treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day even though we're not Irish, it's a perfect excuse to have a celebration.

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with a green colored frozen treat!  This frozen drink is made with frozen yogurt, creme de menthe, creme de cacao liqueurs and topped with whipped cream, crushed thin mint candies and sugar sprinkles. Yum! The only thing you'll need is a straw.

Frozen treats like these frozen grasshoppers are usually made with ice cream.  But I opt for frozen yogurt instead, simply because frozen yogurt contains one-fourth the amount of sugar, fat, calories and even cholesterol. You'll also notice it has 0 saturated fat, 0 trans fat, and double the amount of protein per serving.

I think you'll agree when I say, frozen yogurt is a much better choice when making frozen treats or milk shakes like these.  But that doesn't mean I'll be giving up ice cream - hell no!

Creme de menthe is a very sweet minty flavored liqueur and Creme de cacao is a clear alcoholic, (chocolate bean) liqueur that is sweet tasting also with a hint of vanilla. Both are commonly used in local bars and restaurants and served in popular cocktail coffee drinks and martinis. You can find both liqueurs at your local liquor store.

So if you are planning a St.Patrick's celebration with or without friends, this is a sweet way to treat yourself to a delicious after-dinner dessert!

You'll have to remember these frozen grasshoppers are for adults only.

                                 Also, try our Italian Lemon Cookies for St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day this weekend and Cheers!

Frozen Grasshopper

Place the first 4 ingredients into a blender or a stainless steel martini cocktail shaker.
Blend or shake until it's well blended.  Pour into clear glasses.

Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with some crushed Andes creme de menthe thins and green sprinkles as garnish.  Add a straw and serve immediately.

Serves 2, or 5 (1/2 cup) servings
Recipe adapted from Better Homes & Gardens.

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  1. What a great treat for St. Patrick's Day. You've covered drinks and dessert in one - love it! Beautiful color too. Thanks ladies!

    1. Thank you Tricia for stopping by! And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family
      tomorrow! Cheers!

  2. What a delicious concoction and I had never heard that about using frozen yogurt, so thank you!

    1. I switched over to yogurt a few years ago when I noticed the considerable difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt. And the taste is delicious - cannot tell them apart. Hope you'll try this one! Have a great day !

  3. When we go out for "ice cream" I normally get the frozen yogurt so good, just like this drink. Gorgeous color.

    1. Me too! I prefer frozen yogurt all the time- and in th drink it's delicious! Hope you'll try it Cheri!


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