Get to Know Us !

 Early Days in Italy! Liz is on the Left and Anna is on the Right...

Hello friends and welcome to our blog!  Many authentic Italian recipes were handed down to us from our beautiful mom Maria, (who happens to be the great granddaughter of the once Baron and Baroness of Italy) and this blog is our way of saving her precious recipes before they disappear.    
We are two sisters born and raised in NY, now living in separate states; one in the North East and one in the South.  Before we were born, our parents lived in Capri, Italy, home to where our mom learned her culinary skills from some of the greatest chefs in the world! 
My name is Anna, and as a working mom raising a family with four kids along with my husband (who loves to cook as well), I've learned how to cook quick and easy family-style meals that are practical and simple to do using the finest and freshest ingredients. You'll notice I'm not particularly fond of using a ton of salt or sugar in my recipes, but I LOVE to cook with wine, and sometimes I even add it to the food! 
My sister Liz loves to cook low calorie, low fat and Gluten-Free dishes. Together, we will be posting some great recipes, tips, menus and culinary ideas of our shared heritage combined with our diverse local color.  We love to recreate and make healthy dishes that reflect the real and easy-to-find ingredients in our neighborhoods.
Come join us and follow along with our adventures in the kitchen; no matter what neck of the woods you reside in!  We promise you it will be fun and delicious!
Enjoy, and Buon Appetito!
   This is Maria our beautiful Mom!
       A great teacher who continues to inspire us every day....
   and continues to cook for her family and friends!

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